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6 Steps to buy a home

1. First of all, have your CREDIT CHECK. Homebuyers to have their credit checked six months before buying a place to make sure they don’t get disappointed for any future loans requirement to purchase your Home.

2. Know what you can afford. Realtors insist that prospective homebuyers “contact a lender and be pre-approved so they know the price of the house they can afford and won’t be disappointed that they can’t go into the PRICE RANGE they were originally considering.” According to many agents, most people don’t get pre-approved, which usually winds up wasting time and causing problems down the line.

3. Look into LOCATION. If you’re going to be in this home for any length of time, look into school districts and other things that may not matter to you yet, but could eventually. Also, find out what your city or county taxes would be, as if the flat is in municipal area you have to pay higher tax than Non – municipal area. Also the Prices of the flat vary depending on location so location is another important factor.

4. Think twice before buying a home on your own. Buying a home requires real estate and legal savvy, as well as the confidence to negotiate the final price with the builder, try and CONSULT LOCAL PROPERTY CONSULTANT for this because they may have in-depth knowledge and also will help to give insight to negotiation with Price so you can get a better deal out of it.

5. Have the site visit. CHECK PAPERS to find out if something is wrong with the place, though the ratio of getting a flat with legal issue is very rare but to feel secure you may ask your consultant to help you out in this matter.

6. Last but not the least if you need home loan you can ask for help to get one to the consultant and they will help you out as they generally having connections with several banks from where they will analyse the best possible bank to suite your requirement. Because all the banks don’t provide same amount of loan to the same applicant, so it’s better to seek help to those who knows it better.

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